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STICKY: New account requests   09/19/18  (220)
alarm set for 4 hours and 14 minutes from now    09/26/18  (5)
What fucking psychos think it's good for xo to drive everyone away?    09/26/18  (12)
Bill Maher = the smuggest piece of shit who ever lived?    09/26/18  (4)
whokebe helplessly cries bitter tears as jinx rapes him with reckless abandon    09/26/18  (11)
gen z dork backspace: get itt    09/26/18  (1)
steez is 180 but he went full retard in the Muscadine Wine divorce thread    09/26/18  (11)
First 6 figure settlement taking ? (Verne Lundquist TP)    09/26/18  (55)
law shrews taking a 4PM break to air out their sweaty cunts    09/26/18  (11)
Kavanaugh on remaining a virgin for so long: "I did it for the scholarship."    09/26/18  (4)
Rate these shrews (vid)    09/26/18  (4)
We've lost almost 25 poasters this month.    09/26/18  (1)
Blasey Ford was vacationing in mid-Atlantic when she wrote letter to Feinstein    09/26/18  (20)
Hey Ruskies guess what    09/26/18  (1)
no one has talked about how the engagement ring couple holds their wine glasses    09/26/18  (4)
A chill kind of indifference to shuffling off this mortal coil    09/26/18  (1)
whats the scientific explanation behind the soyboy open mouth smile    09/26/18  (21)
Amusement park in Minn. closed early due to "large number of fights"    09/26/18  (6)
Rachel Mitchell: The GOP's hired gun    09/26/18  (16)
Troutman associate buys fiance $100k engagement ring, she leaves him, keeps rin    09/26/18  (347)
I had no idea spaceporn was so insane    09/26/18  (5)
Dunkin Donuts announces fast casual chain Dunkin    09/26/18  (5)
Spaceporn here--a few thoughts    09/26/18  (119)
NYT's Yearbook article sourced by anti-Trump political operatives, NOT friends    09/26/18  (1)
My little kid really wants either 1) to be not Korean, or 2) that I be Korean.    09/26/18  (57)
Yale prof says Kavanaugh lied about being a virgin    09/26/18  (125)
90% of Ford testimony will be explaining why this unfolded in such a half-assed    09/26/18  (4)
hehe i'm a pencilneck white dweeb but i'm really into rap it's so cool    09/26/18  (1)
retiring to hike the appalachian trail with alzabo    09/26/18  (4)
steez's "tough alpha male" schtick is less credible than nyuug's "playboy" one    09/26/18  (5)
if global poors knew what UN ppl make they would murder them    09/26/18  (3)
Avenatti denies he got pranked by 4chan    09/26/18  (12)
Real talk: Nas "Ether" is overrated tryhard garbage    09/26/18  (15)
And yeah, PN did fuck my girl-I'M STILL SHITMODDING LIKE FUCK DA FREE WORLD (RSF    09/26/18  (61)
Hilarious how objectively bad literally all "rap" music is - the GOAT kike scam    09/26/18  (109)
RESOLVED: Nas's "Don't Body Yourself" = GOAT rap diss    09/26/18  (18)
$100K E-Ring Girl Is Basically Every Goy Woman    09/26/18  (4)
alzabo, peoito, and uspo gone. but hey at least we're prestigious now right    09/26/18  (3)
i'm no longer gay    09/26/18  (1)
A.I. Bot Can Write "Impressive, Professional" Legal Memos In 15 Minutes (Wired)    09/26/18  (6)
in memory of uspo    09/26/18  (3)
GOP establishment: measure of a 'serious' candidate = pro-illegal immigration    09/26/18  (15)
uspo and boner police walk into a bar...    09/26/18  (3)
Sim Glitch: Arabs Are The Only Ones Who Don't Use Arabic Numerals    09/26/18  (1)
a certain "chill" need for adderall to function@work & alcohol to function@home    09/26/18  (1)
Poll: Does Blasey-Ford show up to testify under oath on Thursday?    09/26/18  (16)
Cheers theme playing as all my clients are carted off to jail    09/26/18  (8)
new poaster here. baby goldstein is the greatest meme ever. also i hate niggers.    09/26/18  (13)
"black betty" blasting as assfaggot does warm ups before poasting    09/26/18  (2)
who tha GOAT rapper? pac, nas, or big?    09/26/18  (34)
LOL. Donald Trump suggests march on Washington    09/26/18  (4)
Figured out how to quit xo!!! 1800000000    09/26/18  (4)
Any countries with a more pathetic war record than the US?    09/26/18  (43)
Wtf is BTS? Where did this azn boy band come from?    09/26/18  (5)
depressed and want to killself. cr to drink heavily?    09/26/18  (8)
Benzo casually spitting a tooth into empty box of Mike & Ikes; resuming poasting    09/26/18  (25)
...esoteric hitlerian hinduism. oh and i love craft IPAs haha    09/26/18  (6)
Nebraska needs to really consider terminating the program    09/26/18  (9)
Tous les enfants ont du genie sauf Minou Drouet    09/26/18  (1)
Should I buy a 6MT SRT Hellcat widebody in plum crazy or F8 green?    09/26/18  (1)
Reminder: Alex Smith chose Utah over Harvard    09/26/18  (4)
2009 was the worst year of my life    09/26/18  (17)
1956: Life magazine publishes gushing feature story on pedo artist Balthus    09/26/18  (2)
Further evidence of UK hellscape police state    09/26/18  (3)
Your ignorance of harmonic cube is demonic    09/26/18  (12)
Dad's company being bought out - any tips to protect himself/leverage a better s    09/26/18  (41)
The world I am now in is one of diseased nerves, lucid as ice    09/26/18  (3)
*Every senator shows up Thursday with female lawyer*    09/26/18  (4)
you know that engagement ring shrew got the ring appraised herself    09/26/18  (1)
Heheh    09/26/18  (1)
Rate this 17yo teenage girls ass.... NSFW    09/26/18  (1)
remember when the singer from the Cranberries randomly died    09/26/18  (10)
The Nation: "Should Immigration Laws Be Respected?"    09/26/18  (19)
jjc may no longer be with us FRIENDS    09/26/18  (2)
How long is too long to stay with current company?    09/26/18  (3)
What's a respectable carat / ring price for a 30 yr old bro making 150k?    09/26/18  (39)
ITT: Post your top films of 2018    09/26/18  (81)
Joe Biden: FBI reports are completely useless    09/26/18  (17)
Watched Canelo-GGG on replay, LOL at outrage of bloodacre, ggtp, other GGGcucks    09/26/18  (9)
This is the best pic I could find of Frankenstrat    09/26/18  (9)
As far as I can tell, I am an extremely gay retard    09/26/18  (10)
Leon Trotsky, born Lev Davidovich Bronstein, was a Russian revolutionary and soc    09/26/18  (3)
"Dr. Blasey has entered the buidling..." *senate murmurs with electric excitemen    09/26/18  (1)
Asian bouncer turning Tommy Low-T away from the Japanese suicide forest    09/26/18  (64)
Kavanaugh claims he's still a virgin, offers DNA test results of his kids as pro    09/26/18  (2)
Chris Dudley Comes to Kavanaughs Defense    09/26/18  (7)
Southern poverty lawman    09/26/18  (10)
*Blasey skyping on giant screen with senate committee on Thursday*    09/26/18  (1)
FREE STREAM: WBO Flyweight championship, 3AM EST Tanaka v Kimura    09/26/18  (25)
events that showed the great divide in America    09/26/18  (9)
*debased AIDS faggots jerking off in your soup*    09/26/18  (6)
WSJ editor calls for GOP Senators to stop being cucks.    09/26/18  (8)
How do you dress well as a poor    09/26/18  (48)
"I want two microprocessors put in my genetically modified micro-vagina stat."    09/26/18  (1)
Average salary needed to buy average home    09/26/18  (29)
They called him Boss. Boss Nigger.    09/26/18  (3)
very likely going to kill myself in next few weeks    09/26/18  (34)
MILLENIAL: What it's like being a single dad    09/26/18  (1)
Photography Bros: Can You Adjust White Balance In iOS Photo App?    09/26/18  (1)
Detailed my mustang during Chuseok vaca: SWEET NEW PICS of my MUSTANG SUPERCAR    09/26/18  (28)
America    09/26/18  (4)
Money for Lawyers charity thread    09/26/18  (1)
ITT: I quote a post from 2006 and a post from 2018    09/26/18  (15)
LMAO: over $1.6 mil already raised against Collins if she votes yes on Kavanut    09/26/18  (27)
180 newt Gingrich interview on SEAN HANNITY    09/26/18  (1)
RATE My New Cohen Benefits Moniker    09/26/18  (5)
Genetically Modified Now Female Taking Q's    09/26/18  (21)
Girls who "want to be friends first" before sleeping with you. What to make of t    09/26/18  (24)
Got bj from alcoholic ssbw with daddy issues last night    09/26/18  (11)
MGTOW vs how to get a girlfriend google trends    09/26/18  (16)
I'm a gay faggot. Straight up.    09/26/18  (6)
Hitlers take on dealing with women and the parallels to ruling    09/26/18  (4)
Will the Kavanaugh seat also be a "stolen" seat?    09/26/18  (4)
Older woman at church rustled by girl telling her she cooks for me every night    09/26/18  (2)
I am athletic    09/26/18  (2)
NYer (R Farrow): Kozinski Hired A Prostitute For Kavanaugh To Take His V-Card    09/26/18  (5)
WaPo: New Report Credbily States Kavanaugh Lost Virginity at Age 30    09/26/18  (2)
Good news for shorts and baldmos    09/26/18  (13)
Why am I so alpha    09/26/18  (1)
I for one welcome the complete destruction of democracy    09/26/18  (3)
*boner police selecting his Jewish wife based on her ruin value*    09/26/18  (4)
Cubs will miss the playoffs.    09/26/18  (2)
Anyone else have Facebook shrews marrying themselves?    09/26/18  (2)
I'd tell Maggie Haberman to Sukkot for a Pull it Surprise    09/26/18  (3)
Is acting gay a credited tactic for getting women to like you    09/26/18  (15)
Niggerfaggot niggerfaggot oy oy oy! *chugs 2 pint glasses full of cum*    09/26/18  (11)
How can I profit from lib outrage in the 2020 election cycle?    09/26/18  (2)
CNN COLD-CALLING Yale '87 grads for dirt    09/26/18  (34)
That 300+ poast $100K engagement ring thread is pure XO    09/26/18  (11)
getting pistol whipped to death by corrupt cops on national television    09/26/18  (1)
I can envision a 'soft civil war', U.S. split in 2, 'irreconcilable differences'    09/26/18  (18)
this is for your own good trumpmos, watch your prestige rise up    09/26/18  (3)
RATE This TOAS Jewess At The Western Wall (PIC) #ironside    09/26/18  (1)
is uspo a boner police alt?    09/26/18  (43)
Nebraska ranked 2nd worst team in football behind UTEP    09/26/18  (1)
Confirming Kav would give Dems the cover they need to pack the court    09/26/18  (2)
We live in some faggot moon Saturn fractal spirit matrix ljl    09/26/18  (1)
Current SNL cast member slams Chevy Chase as "genuinely bad racist person" (link    09/26/18  (90)
I wish god would underhand toss this clown world planet into the sun    09/26/18  (12)
how can you be an adult with a career and a family and watch porn?    09/26/18  (1)
is "decent man" an idiot?    09/26/18  (8)
Shrewd Tell: Panini Maker    09/26/18  (1)
Joker Pleads With xoFederer For Help- goatFederer Avoids Embarassing Him #tennis    09/26/18  (4)
100% pure aryan North Indian white nationalists (me, PN, askav, TBF, Harrison)    09/26/18  (6)
The 20th cent. is drawing to a close and you are spending a lot of time in Japan    09/26/18  (3)
My job at Domino's is so fucking bad but I can't quit yet. LOLOL at my life    09/26/18  (106)
Me so horny, me so hoooooorny    09/26/18  (1)
Libs really dont like it when you call them snakes and traitors    09/26/18  (20)
Half-Turd Miss Japan Praises Naomi Osaka For: "Break[ing] Down Walls" #tennis    09/26/18  (8)

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