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STICKY: New account requests   05/25/18  (211)
spent 4 months becoming really good friends with a "lesbian" to fuck her    05/27/18  (16)
Guy going to jail for 15 years for giving away free PC restore software    05/27/18  (32)
What breed of dog has the best personality?    05/27/18  (1)
Turkey will buy new Russian stealth jet    05/27/18  (1)
rate this japanese makeup commercial    05/27/18  (4)
RATE this MEXICAN rapper (PIC)    05/27/18  (1)
Nigger cums in happy meal gives two kids HIV    05/27/18  (129)
Import third world people -> become third world country    05/27/18  (94)
*glancing down at scholarship tp as you walk along, his little hand in your own    05/27/18  (5)
F'ck us Right in the Pussy    05/27/18  (8)
Hypo: $200k per year which flyover city do you live in    05/27/18  (42)
imagine being at DMB - Live at Luther College jfc    05/27/18  (2)
everyone come itt and congratulate scholarship on his law degree    05/27/18  (26)
Elizabeth Warren is quietly working to defang Trump's 'Pocahontas' slur as 2020    05/27/18  (71)
I just need 10 million people to send me $1 each    05/27/18  (1)
ITT we list words used in corporations but nowhere IRL    05/27/18  (77)
***** Official 102nd Running of the Indianapolis 500 Thread *****    05/27/18  (4)
Do cute girls have tasty penises?    05/27/18  (2)
how do you end interviews    05/27/18  (202)
ITT: List all media subscriptions you currently have    05/27/18  (32)
Do cute girls have smelly pussies?    05/27/18  (3)
http://imgur.com/mFxcUXB    05/27/18  (7)
possibly dumb oil Q-- do pumpjacks have canopies where the lawyers work    05/27/18  (15)
Best Elon Musk tweet yet?    05/27/18  (24)
we could solve obesity epidemic by legalizing cocaine    05/27/18  (1)
what's it like to live in west texas? somewhere like Marfa, Texas    05/27/18  (13)
walked past laguardia HS today as school was letting out.    05/27/18  (7)
head of lettuce ir8 that his wife is flirting with Chard    05/27/18  (6)
Shrew GF: "you're ok but Chad was bigger" 2nd cuz: "NIGGER NIGGER NIGGER NIGGER    05/27/18  (68)
Are trumptard whites prepared to pay 2x-3x as much for lettuce?    05/27/18  (71)
breaking up with gf, quitting job and disowning my family this week    05/27/18  (4)
2nd cousin: Shaking her little rump ;) Shrew gf: Visibly shaking about Trump    05/27/18  (5)
Polish-Nigerian boxer defends anti immigrant Poles (vid)    05/27/18  (1)
got a date in 3 hours with this Kiev chick (pic)    05/27/18  (137)
How This Trucker Became the Toast of MFH    05/27/18  (5)
:D Whats life like as a pro poker player?    05/27/18  (1)
on dat DUBBEL ZOUT salty licorice tip 180    05/27/18  (2)
there was a soccer match yesterday    05/27/18  (7)
Getting an $8,600 expense reimbursement check this month    05/27/18  (8)
Is everybody sleeping or just out friend-having and thing-doing. Very quiet    05/27/18  (3)
So to confirm we're 2 yrs into DTP's term and existentialists have no legit resp    05/27/18  (2)
rate this Ukrainian beer label (pic)    05/27/18  (3)
Who will libs side in this case?    05/27/18  (3)
Just turn on Waze and you can hunt any fraud down    05/27/18  (7)
Planet Fitness Commercial with Spackler and Midnight Cowboy    05/27/18  (20)
Is Waze better than Google Maps?    05/27/18  (25)
America is becoming a police state: 1981 - 3000 no knock warrants, 2005 - 50000    05/27/18  (7)
SIM GLITCH: natural gas is stuck in rocks in Texas and anyone can recover it    05/27/18  (5)
Ted Cruz tp did you vote by mail or are you voting election day    05/27/18  (5)
t; you're a good dood
   05/27/18  (2)
Is there a free vpn browser for mobile    05/27/18  (1)
Trent Reznor seems intelligent    05/27/18  (6)
Good Goyim HRH Prince William To Be First British Royal To Visit ISRAEL    05/27/18  (3)
I met Trent Reznor once in a club    05/27/18  (5)
Guy I know daytrades Forex from Colombia, makes $8k+ a month.    05/27/18  (16)
DTP has no idea how bad and evil the world really is    05/27/18  (7)
baby boner police riverdancing into gigantic abortion vacuum    05/27/18  (3)
One of my coworkers seems super violent, how to handle?    05/27/18  (6)
*places framed photo of Bannon on desk*    05/27/18  (63)
i really hate cyclists they are arrogant pricks    05/27/18  (5)
Lucky Charms leprechaun getting sucked into abortion vacuum    05/27/18  (2)
whatever happened to HITACHI vibrators?    05/27/18  (7)
"It's afraid" psychic abortion doctor to ur wife as he plugs the vacuum into her    05/27/18  (2)
biz idea: Club Mandingo    05/27/18  (2)
So to confirm we're nearly 2 yrs into DT's first term, and Dems have no challeng    05/27/18  (12)
beta male explains his dating strategy on reddit    05/27/18  (5)
"This is America" plays to montage of /r/FatToFit pictures (DTP)    05/27/18  (6)
Why do we value human life so much?    05/27/18  (5)
Only reason your mom didn't abort you is that is was illegal then!    05/27/18  (2)
IT'S JUST A CLUMP OF CELLS the Irish girl shouted as she aborted u    05/27/18  (3)
I fell in love with her before we did anything sexual then she aborted my babby    05/27/18  (2)
An Irish girl aborting a litter of six cute little Irish babbies    05/27/18  (2)
how the fuck is survivor still on television    05/27/18  (17)
Fuck my ass! Spent $9,582 today.    05/27/18  (25)
Just bought wasabi doritos    05/27/18  (13)
Ireland votes 2-1 to DIE.    05/27/18  (26)
Staring at MPAs firm bio right now drinking listening to DMB Crash    05/27/18  (3)
flyers all over reeves county tx looking for lawyers (oil) (not flame)    05/27/18  (6)
driving a car is for dumb fuck proles    05/27/18  (5)
"Attached please find the nude photographs of Susan Sontag, as requested."    05/27/18  (2)
"Just went to LATIN MASS 180 fuck libs" *beats off to interracial tranny porn*    05/27/18  (9)
i got 3 tranny buttholes in my face right now on multiple open chaturbate pages    05/27/18  (9)
Nobody talks about the hundreds of millions of deaths in the abortion holocaust.    05/27/18  (1)
remember steve bannon    05/27/18  (3)
So to confirm we're nearly 2 yrs into DT's first term, and Reps have no legisla    05/27/18  (4)
"I respect the laws of our nation!" said the poster who steadfastly refused 2 us    05/27/18  (3)
mainlining i fucked up bad-- partners kept emailing me, i joined a gang    05/27/18  (3)
how did jerry springer find so many trannies?    05/27/18  (4)
Free Two Day Shipping With Prime | Oops, That's Add-On Item. Hehe.    05/27/18  (8)
Five Guys is better than Shake Shack    05/27/18  (43)
Young Chicago GRIDS magnet, taking ?s (WMTP)    05/27/18  (2)
trans aficionado poasters: rate this story    05/27/18  (6)
Waze now notifying you of 'Roasties' on the road ahead so you can avoid them.    05/27/18  (1)
Have been watching commercials all day    05/27/18  (5)
For my last meal I'd actually pick a bacon cheese burger. Bar fries on the side.    05/27/18  (1)
Best flavor of doritos, surprisingly, is actually...    05/27/18  (3)
Why didnt "Justice" contact Trump about the Russia problem if so concerned?    05/27/18  (3)
Why is Mueller so paralyzed + unwilling to make a real move on Trump?    05/27/18  (12)
Mueller to staff about Trump: "I'm going to move on him like a bitch."    05/27/18  (2)
Making nasty comments on Waze on all police sightings is fun    05/27/18  (10)
Cops are highway brigand$, use waze.    05/27/18  (1)
Trump is a god and not a pussy succeeds at first attempt on everything    05/27/18  (4)
E-mail to opposing counsel (CSLG)    05/27/18  (93)
White men are the most oppressed group of people in the world.    05/27/18  (10)
Big Citymos: Do people actually jog in crowded cities? How is this possible?    05/27/18  (23)
Also, the person was not a spy. He was a counterintelligence informant.    05/27/18  (46)
*Your two dads mercilessly othering you for rewetting in the bed*    05/27/18  (3)
Was Billy Madison/Happy Gilmore funny or was I just 9    05/27/18  (10)
Liberal POLITICO story on Swedens Muslim crime problem    05/27/18  (3)
History of America is whites being pulled kickin n screamin to a more just world    05/27/18  (20)
FYI: The rich are getting infusions of "young" blood to stay young    05/27/18  (1)
*Gwen Stefani doing morning routine of renewing pact with Satan for agelessness    05/27/18  (3)
pretty dope spanish pop song    05/27/18  (1)
Protip: use Waze    05/27/18  (19)
Lou Diamond Phillips endorses Liz Warren    05/27/18  (1)
redfin is poison    05/27/18  (10)
I see you out here spewing that gas    05/27/18  (2)
Elizabeth Warren googling epigenetics    05/27/18  (1)
"donny" aka jigesh patel of ahmedabad, gujurat/fremont, ca, database admin    05/27/18  (28)
Elizabeth Warren applying war paint before the first debate    05/27/18  (3)
* xo original poetry *    05/27/18  (5)
bring back scholarship    05/27/18  (6)
Namaste brothers. I own beutoful motel and many 711 (big dog)    05/27/18  (6)
"Im Donald Trump & I approved this message" *worldwide nuclear holocaust begins*    05/27/18  (1)
elon musk continues to redpill america on (((them)))    05/27/18  (6)
twilight zone vs outer limits    05/27/18  (2)
All in on zil (zillow) and eth (ethan allen)    05/27/18  (8)
Stan Lee agrees with Elon Musk re (((media))) (link)    05/27/18  (4)
twitter dork ending all tweets with "lesson in there" or "tell your sons this"    05/27/18  (22)
where any of you fags ever on the rogan board?    05/27/18  (1)
Making nasty comments to all police listings on Waze    05/27/18  (6)
luis when are u going to marfa    05/27/18  (1)
latest post from hottest indian chick on the planet    05/27/18  (68)
*It's just you and Tim Cook in gym locker room*    05/27/18  (2)
If Germans would have invaded Mexico instead of the Spanish, Mexico would have b    05/27/18  (43)
Its pointless for me to go out, yet I do it every weekend    05/27/18  (6)
boom is a nigger fraud that fucks kids    05/27/18  (3)
Battle STIM of the Republic    05/27/18  (10)
all quiet on the zozo bort    05/27/18  (1)
Has anyone been to Marfa, TX is this complete flame    05/27/18  (14)
GC coming after honeymoons (NY Post)    05/27/18  (71)
gonna buy a bunch of undeveloped land south of MARFA, TEXAS    05/27/18  (3)
WETHERN THIVILIZATHION!!!!!!!!!!!11    05/27/18  (1)
Waze threading    05/27/18  (1)
really craving a cheese steak right now    05/27/18  (1)
Once we've circled up with the final ask I'll look in the relevant stakeholders    05/27/18  (2)
So standard dem platform now is anti-america, open borders, pro Ms-13?    05/27/18  (6)
whatever happened to HITACHI electronics?    05/27/18  (3)

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